/…/ This cognitive uncertainty, already more or less apparent since the end of the 1960s, became blindingly obvious in the 1980s, and this had inevitable repercussions on the ideological foundations of politics, with the status quo in force since 1948 coming to a sudden end with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent disappearance of the USSR. The Left, moderate or radical, then retreated in disarray without offering a response of any kind, so that the sheer absence of any alternative ensured the total victory of an obsolete single thought anchored in neoliberalism that was utterly incapable of managing a globalized world of infinite complexity. The outcome of the debacle is, to say the least, unprecedented: an absolute ideological void occupied by a clearly redundant conception of the world,  /../

Sigmar Polke, Paintings, Photographs and Films by Gloria Moure
Ediciones Poligrafa,  2005. page 9

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