perception of space [window]

perception of space, an image by Tom van Teijlingen

This is so cool, I think I want to print it. First on my own printer (max size 60x60cm) but bigger would probably be nice.

It’s abstract, it looks like some montage, but is is a picture, it is something my photo-camera recorded. It’s weird, it could be many different things.

Edit: I made a print, in fact I made a second one because the first one was not what I was looking for. Last week I decided that this is what I’m doing: making prints with abstract images. I’m not a painter in the traditional sense. And after seeing so much retro painting at Art Rotterdam last weekend I’m even more convinced.
So in stead of making large paintings on aluminium I’m going to focus more on the technique of printing: the choice of paper and the saturation of the ink. And I think I’ll need to hack my printer to make it possible to run printed paper a second time through the printer, to get really saturated inkjetprints.

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