The Neuro-Image

Deleuze and Guattari distinguish different ways in which disciplines can meet and interfere with each other. Extrinsic interference occurs when each discipline remains on its own plane and utilizes its own methodological elements – for instance when phylosophy creates concepts of sensations (think of Deleuze’s own cinema books), science creates functions of sensations or of concepts (such as scientific theories of color or of beauty), and art creates sensations of concepts or of functions (such as art based on scientific models like DNA or brain images). Intrinsic interference happens when concepts or conceptual personae, affects of aesthetic figures, functions or partial observers leave their own plane and slip (most subtly) onto other planes.

Patricia Pisters The Neuro-Image page 13

In mijn hoofd ontstaan beelden bij het lezen van sommige filosofie boeken, het vaakst bij Deleuze en Guattari en nu dus ook bij Pisters.

Art is

neither a profession among others, nor is it a category of objects: it is both a substance and a space – mental, social, and symbolic.

Nicolas Bourriaud: Inclusions, aesthetics of the Capitaloscene

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